Tema: una giornata tipica a scuola

A typical school day by Giacomo Zafalon

School starts at 8.30 with 25 minutes of free time in class in a tutor group, where we can socialise by talking, playing cards or doing our homework; it’s a great way to start school because it is relaxing so all the day becomes less stressful.

After this group we have 6 periods with a morning recess after the second period and lunch after the fourth period. The periods are fifty-five minutes long and we change class every period, so every day we have all six subjects, except for some days when we have assembly in fourth period or when we have sport.

The morning recess is 25 minutes long and the lunch break is 35 minutes long. During this free time there is time to eat and to relax. I spend my breaks with my friends at a big table talking and eating, which is always a good way to relax. On Friday I book my lunch at the canteen online, so when I go there at lunch time my food is ready to be taken away and to be eaten.

The subject I like the most is Physics because I have a really good teacher who is always available to help and he makes the lesson enjoyable and that’s the most important thing to make school less stressful. In this term for Outdoor Education we are going kayaking and I can’t wait because I’m really going to enjoy it.

I don’t like wearing the uniform much because I think it’s quite sad… I mean, you can understand a lot by the clothes a person is wearing, but if we are all wearing the same thing you can’t see any difference. I think the only advantage is that you don’t have to think about what to wear in the morning for school.

In conclusion, I am really enjoying my school and I think here the school is structured to make the school days less stressful for the students.