Perth in Australia, Wanaka in Nuova Zelanda e ora Oxford in Inghilterra

GoYonder ha appena stretto un accordo con la Scuola Superiore britannica D’Overbroeck’s di Oxford: un istituto privato particolarmente dinamico dove la felicità e il successo dell’individuo sono aspetti fondamentali del metodo didattico. Siamo molto felici di questa nuova collaborazione!

La preparazione accademica è rigorosa, i risultati raggiungibili sono eccellenti, l’obiettivo primario è accedere alle Università di Oxford, Cambridge, London o degli Stati Uniti.

La Direttrice Emma-Kate Henry dice: “At D’Overbroeck’s there is a palpable sense of shared values strongly held, and this, I believe, is at the heart of what makes our school ethos vibrant, dynamic and, in lots of ways, robustly and refreshingly distinctive. D’Overbroeck’s is firmly built on personal relationships, on a relative lack of stuffiness and formal hierarchies, on a strong conviction that the individual, every individual, lies at the heart of the school. The real test is, of course, the extent to which, in practice, a school is able and willing to put such a principle at the core of its structures and procedures. This has always been the principle by which we have lived as a school, and the resulting willingness to make the ‘system’ fit around the individuals rather than the other way around is manifest in a variety of important ways here”.

Le verifiche governative hanno attribuito alla Scuola un “EXCELLENT” e di seguito sono riportati i relativi commenti:

“Students are creative, think for themselves and relish stretching the boundaries of their knowledge”.

“In the course of their time in the school, students grow into articulate, probing, caring and courteous individuals who are equally able to express their views cogently and to listen well to others. Their maturity and sense of responsibility is a tribute to the success of the school’s ethos”.